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Frequently Asked Questions

Maths Planner is more than just a resource website, it’s a system; designed to improve the teaching and learning practices of the maths department.

If implemented correctly, the department can benefit from the following:

  • Improved student knowledge recall
  • Consistent best practices across the department
  • Oftsed approved marking and feedback loops
  • Reduced workload for teachers

This results in a direct impact on school performance (from a large core subject). Therefore, Maths Planner can be covered or paid in full by central budget.

You should contact your SLT line manager (link) or higher to discuss this option. To help with this, we have written an email template that you can copy and paste, to send them. Click here to request the template.

It’s very common for schools to initially block websites they don’t know. 

To tackle this, we’ve created an email template that you can send to your IT Support Team to get Maths Planner unblocked 👉 View email template.

No, we offer a commitment free 21-day trial.

You’ll have full access to Maths Planner and will only be asked for payment at the end of your 21 days.

School Accounts*

Your account will be locked until an invoice has been sent to your finance department. We will then extend your trial to allow for payment processing.

Individual Account

Your account will be locked until you have submitted your payment information and the first payment has been processed

*Paid accounts will regain access to all of the resources created during the trial period.

School Account

Being teachers, we understand the complexity of paying for maths resources.

Simply provide your finance department’s email address and we’ll work with them, so you don’t have to! To ensure you can continue using Maths Planner; we will add time onto your trial while we get things sorted.

Individual Account

To upgrade your trial to a paid account, simply enter your payment details into the secure input fields. You can cancel your subscription at any point.

Yes, we can work with your trust to create a package to cover multiple schools. Please get in touch.

School Account Discounts

If you sign-up within the first 7 days of your trial; you will receive 10% off.

If you are a MAT looking to bring Maths Planner to more than two schools, get in touch to discuss options.

Your admin account (HOD recommended) will have full control over adding and removing teacher accounts. If a teacher leaves their post, you can simply delete their account and replace with a new teacher.