How to create impactful exit tickets for your maths class in minutes

Why, how and when to use exit tickets in your lessons. Learn the importance of actionable feedback loops.


Create an exit ticket for one of your classes

  • Click “New Starter” from your sidebar.
  • Once open, click “Exit Ticket” from the top left.
  • Choose 3 questions for your exit ticket.

Pre-write your feedback statements

  • Go to the WWW & EBI Feedback boxes.
  • Type impactful, relevant statements for each question you have chosen.
  • Apply the relevant question for each EBI statement you write.

Print and handout your exit tickets

  • Click the Print button found in the right toolbar.
  • Print Exit Ticket” will automatically be selected.
  • Ensure you have “Print on both sides” > “Flip along short edge” selected.

Mr Barton Maths Starters

Craig Barton Tip!

“Delay your exit tickets for greater impact.”

Mark & provide feedback

  • Have students complete and collect them.
  • Use our answers to mark quickly.
  • For each question tick “Needs Work” or “Correct“.
  • Turn over the exit ticket and tick the relevant statements (add additional comments if required)

Create the next lessons starter in 1-click

  • From the Exit Ticket, click “Auto Generate Starter”.
    • Find this in the top right corner.
  • We create the perfect starter for your students to have DIT (Dedicated Improvement Time)
  • You can spend your time closing gaps around the classroom.

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