Quick Tables: Elevate Multiplication from Numeric Basics to Algebraic Expertise

Dive into the world of multiplication like never before with our interactive Quick Tables app.

Designed with teachers in mind, this tool offers a seamless blend of numeric and algebraic challenges, ensuring students of all levels are catered to.

Features & Benefits:

  • Numeric Multiplication Flexibility: Tailor the experience for students by choosing specific numbers or randomising them. Add an extra layer of challenge by incorporating negatives.
  • Algebraic Challenges: Control the complexity by selecting between 1 to 4 variables in rows and columns. Introduce negatives and fractions for those students ready to push their boundaries.
  • Power Toggle: Elevate the algebraic challenge further with the power/indices feature, ensuring even the most advanced students are engaged and challenged.
  • SEN Overlay Colours: Ensure all students can engage with the activity with visual aids tailored for those with special educational needs.
  • Customisation Galore: From a handy timer to full-screen mode and pre-made blank templates, Quick Tables is designed to make the implementation of this activity as smooth as possible.

With Quick Tables, you’re not just testing multiplication skills; you’re offering a comprehensive, differentiated experience that challenges and grows with the student. Perfect for those looking to elevate a basic activity into a rich learning experience.

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