Say goodbye to the snipping tool

The in-classroom app to build perfect
maths starters, exit tickets and feedback loops 
in minutes!

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Say goodbye to
the snipping tool

The in-classroom app to build
perfect starters, exit tickets and
feedback loops
in minutes!

Reduce your workload

Cut hours off your planning time with our supercharged resource builders and pre-made library.

Improve your students knowledge recall

Save time and create the resources your students actually need.

Create consistent
feedback loops

Ensure your students always act on your feedback using powerful printable Exit Tickets.
Knowledge recall maths starter


Create amazing recall starters in seconds

  • Whiteboard ready starter builder templates
  • Access to our bank of over 7500 unique questions
  • Ridiculously easy to use –even for the least tech savvy staff members
  • Includes all the features an outstanding teacher needs


Create exit tickets with actionable feedback in minutes

  • Gain insights from each student to aid your future planning
  • Mark with a purpose -in half the time!

Print powerful exit tickets every time

Simply tick and stick

Hover the exit ticket to see the back
Maths Exit Ticket Printable - Maths Planner
Maths Exit Ticket Printable Feedback - Maths Planner
Maths Feedback Loops - Maths Planner

Create DIT starters based on your exit ticket in 1-click

  • Creating resources that link to feedback is usually painstakingly time consuming, but so important...
  • We take that workload off your hands and create the perfect resource for every student to take action!

Our feedback loop

Feedback is pointless without action.
Give students DIT in minutes, not hours.

Knowledge recall maths starter

Recall Starter

Maths Exit Ticket builder - Maths Planner

Topic Exit Ticket

Maths Feedback Loops - Maths Planner

Feedback Starter

Mr Barton Maths Starters

Craig Barton Tip

“Delay your exit tickets for greater impact.”

  • Give them out at least a week after teaching
  • Don’t give out exit tickets for a topic on the day of teaching


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